Why do I shoot weddings?

Because I love them. What’s not to like? They’re fun, everyone’s happy and having a good time, and so am I. I get to be involved in your big day and be there with you as you go through all the emotions, experience all the love and go from 2 to 1. It’s a great thing to be part of. I love the details, I love the rings, I love the speeches, but most of all I love the differences. I love to look out for what makes your wedding yours. Those are the bits that make my day! (those and maybe a nice bit of wedding cake!)

What will it be like?

I promise it will be fun!  All you have to do is enjoy one of the best days of your life, with your favourite person, and all your other best humans. I’ll take care of the rest. Most of what I take is just capturing the happy as it happens, but I also love to take those gorgeous romantic couple images, as well as those little intimate moments. I like to get family images too, but keep them fun and relaxed, that is once we’ve prised them all away from the bar!

What next?

Please take a look through the images below and get in touch! The contact me button is just up there or you can give me a ring on these:

07833 101855 or 01295 279998

Abi Moore Photography Weddings Gallery

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